Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Slokam for Good Day:

Slokam for Good Day:

As and when you get up from the bed in the morning, you may recite this following slokam, by opening your two palms and having close to one another and on seeing your palm.

Meaning of the Slokam :
Karam - Hand; Agre : Top End; Vasathe : Lives; Moole : At the end; Madhyethu : Center;Prabhathe : Morning; Darsanam : To see;
Essence of the Slokam :
In our hands, at the top lives Sri Maha Lakshmi; at the end lives Sri Saraswathi; and in the middle, lives Lord Govindan. Therefore, seeing both the hands in the morning when you raise from your bed is very good for that day and also we will be blessed by these three Gods.

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