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Paramartha stuti

Thirupputkkuzhi dhivya dEsam is not too far from Kaanchipuram and was the home for great AchArya PurushALs. Today, there is not much of an agrahAram there. It was the home of Thirupputtkkuzhi Thaatha Desikans. Kaliyan has performed MangaLAsaasanam of this dhivya dEsa PerumAL.

Here, Swamy Desikan was overcome by the majesty and beauty of the greatest warrior of them all, SrI Raamachandran and immersed himself in a brilliant eulogy of the Lord. Recalling the heroism and unmatched valor of Vijaya Raaghavan, Swamy Desikan endearingly saluted this Lord as "RaNa Pungavan, Aahava Pungavan and Samara Pungavan" in this sthOthram. There are only 10 slOkams in this sthuthi, but they deal with the the Parama ArTam (viz)., EmperumAn , who is the ultimate goal and target ( Parama PurushArTam ) for all of us. Swamy Desikan composed the majestic SudarsanAshtakam and ShOdasAyudha SthOthram --according to some-- to banish the cold fever that was gripping the people of Thirupputtkkuzhi at one time.

Right in front of the Thirupputtkkuzhi Temple gate is a beautiful pushkariNi known as Grudhra Saras or Kazhuhu Poygai to recall the sthala PurANam according to which Sri Raaghavan and His younger brother performed the last rites for the king of Eagles, JatAyu) at that site. Thiru+ Putt +kuzhi stands for the auspicious bird's pit in which the great hero, JatAyu was placed affectionately by the DasaraTa KumArarkaL as a part of the last rites (Eema KrriyaikaL). The interplay of the bright Sun's rays and the cool green waters of JatAyu PushkariNi is amemorable sight indeed.

In the moving lines of SrI Raghuveera Gadhyam, Swamy Desikan refers to the performance of last rites by the Raghuveeran for the King of Eagles, Jataayu:

" vikrama yasO laabha vikreetha jeevitha grudhra-raaja
dEha dhidhakshA lakshitha Bhaktha-jana DhaakshiNya!"

Jataayu is a Parama BhAgavathan. He was a very old king of Eagles and was a dear friend of King DasaraTan. When RaavaNan abducted SithA PirAtti and flew in the sky with Her , King JatAyu intercepted RaavaNan and fought with him. King JatAyu was mortally wounded by the evil Raavanan in that fight. He displayed great valour inspite of his old age. RaavaNan cut off the wings of JatAyu and ran away to LankA. Sri Raamachandran and LakshmaNa Swamy came in search of SithA PirAtti and arrived at the place, (Thirupputtkkuzhi) where JatAyu was holding off his last breath to meet the dear sons of DasaraTaa. JatAyu told Raamahandran about the evil act of RaavaNa and the ensuing fight between him and Raavanan. Then he gave up his body. Raamachandran was sorrow stricken and performed agni samskAram for JatAyu in grateful appreciation of the help given by JatAyu as the friend of the family of IshvAkus. Raamachnadran did not perform the last rites for His own father and it was Bharathan, who had to perform the Charama kaaryams. Hence , the special anugraham of Raamachandran to JatAyu is very important. That was the Bahktha jana DhAkshiNyam shown (lakshitha) by the prince of AyOdhyA through dEha dhidhakshA (agni kaaryam) to His Bhakthan, JatAyu.

First slOkam of SrI ParamArTa Sthuthi

SrImadh-grudhra-saras-theera PaarijAtham upAsmahE
yathra Thungai; athungaisccha pranathai: gruhayathE Phalam

The valor of Lord Raamachandran is matchless. In DaNdakAraNyam, He destroyed 14,000 asurAs single handedly. He pulverized RaavaNA's army and finally RaavaNan Himself in a great battle. In AaraNya kANdam , our Lord's parAkramam is saluted as He destroyed Kharan , DhUshaNan , Thrisiras and the Moola Bhalam. Through His heroic acts, He destroyed the asurAs and made the lives of the Sages of DhaNdakAraNyam comfortable and free from fear.

Swamy Desikan has saluted these valourous deeds in SrI Raghuveera Gadhyam's AaraNya and Yuddha KhANdams following the foot steps of Aadhi Kavi, Sage VaalmIki. Swamy Desikan's summation of the Lord's Valour is housed in three salutations of SrI Raghuveera Gadhyam:

AsahAya Soora !
AnapAya Saahasa!
Raagava Simha !

In ParamArTa Sthuthi, Swamy Desikan continues celebrating the valour of the Lord of AyOdhyA and points out that He is the PaarijAtha tree at the banks of JatAyu PushkariNi (Grudhra Saras):

SrImadh-grudhra-saras-theera PaarijAtham upAsmahE
yathra Thungai: athungaisccha pranathai: gruhayathE Phalam

--First slOkam of SrI ParamArTa Sthuthi (anushtup metre)

At Thirupputtkkuzhi, the destroyer of RaavaNA and his clan gives His darsanam as Vijaya Raaghavn and is ready to grant all the boons that bhakthAs seek of Him just like a PaarijAtha tree in IndhrA's garden.

On the banks of the JatAyu PushkariNi with its nourishing water is a mighty tree with sweet fruits. There the lowly (athungai:) and the mighty (thungai:) worship the Lord, perform SaraNAgathi and are treated equally with respect to the Phalans without consideration of their Jaathi-KUlam -GuNam and material possessions. That is indeed a miracle brought about by the PaarijAtha Tree (SrI Vijaya Raaghavan) of Thirupputtkuzhi. Swamy says that he meditates on that PaarijAtha tre (Srimath-grudhra-saras-theera paarijAtham upAsmahE). Both the lowly and the lofty prostrate before this Grudhra Saras theera PaarijAtham and becomes kruthArTaas.

Second SlOkam:

After Composing the first slOkam in anushtup metre, Swamy Desikan sets the rest of the 9 slOakms of SrI ParamArTa Sthuthi in lilting Oupacchandasikam metre:

Gurubhis-Thvadhanya SarvabhAvai:
guNa-sindhou krutha-samplavas-ThvadhIyE
RaNapungava vandhi-bhAvam icchan
aham asmi yEkam anugraha aaspadham tE

Oh the Lord of Thirupputkkuzhi, who is celebrated for Your valour in battles! Oh Vijaya RaaghavA! Our AchAryAs do not house anyone in their heart lotuses except You.They focus on You and You alone and shine as ParamaikAnthis (Thvadhanya Sarva-bhAvai:). They have trained me to be deeply immersed in the ocean of Your anntha kalyANa guNams (Gurubhi: ThvadhIyE GuNa Sindhou krutha samplava: asmi) and adiyEn desires deeply to eulogize You (vanhdhi bhAvam icchan aham asmi). adiyEn has positioned myself to be the chief object of Your anugraham (Vandhi bhAvam icchan aham , tE yEkam anugraha aaspadham asmi).

Swamy Desikan reminds the Lord of the Upadesams of his AchAryans about ananya bhakthi (avyapachAra Bhakthi) to the Lord to become qualiifed as a ParamikAnthi. Then , Swamy Desikan states that he wants to go beyond the meditation about the Lord and engage in composing a Sthuthi about the Lord of Thirupputtkuzhi. He hints that his efforts to compose a sthuthi wont bear fruit unless he is so blessed by the Grudhra-saras-theera PaarijAtham. Therefore, Swamy Desikan prays to the Lord to bless him to create a sthuthi on Him .

Third SlOkam:

BhuvanAsraya bhUshaNAsthra-vargam
manasi ThvanmayathAm mamAtanOthu
vapurAhavapunga ThvadhIyam
MahIshINAm animEsha darsaneeyam

Swamy Desikan points out about two things here:

(1) The entire assembly of ChEthnam and achEthanam adorn the Lord's ThirumEni as dhivya aabharanams and Dhivya aayudhams/weapons (BhuvanAsraya BhooshaNa-asthra vargam ThvadhIyam Vapu:).

(2) SrI DEvi and BhU Devi and other consorts of His can not take their eyes off from such a beautiful ThirumEni . They do not close their eye lids for fear of missing even a fraction of second's enjoyment of His dhivya soundharyam (MahIshINAm animEsha darsaneeyam ThvadhIyam Vapu:).

Swamy begs the Lord to grant him the boon as Grudhra-saras-thera PaarijAtham to make His manas become totally immersed in His beauty and anantha kalyANa guNams so that he can succeed in composing a Sthuthi befitting Him.

SrI VijayarAghavan blesses Swamy Desikan and grants him the requested boon and Swamy starts in right earnest with His sthuthi proper:

Fourth SlOkam:
 abhirakshithum agratha: sTitham ThvAM
PraNavE PaarTaraTE cha bhAvayantha:
ahitha-prasamai: ayathna-labhyai:
kaTayanthi Aahavapungavam guNa~jnaa:

-- SrI ParamArTa Sthuthi: SlOkam 4

Oh Vijaya RaaghavA! PraNavam is made up of three Letters: A+U+M (akAra-ukAra-makArams). The first letter is "A" (akAram denoting your Sarva Rakshakathvam (protecting one and all that perform SaraNAgathi to You). Swamy says: " Abhirakshithum PraNavE agratha: sTitham ThvAm).

Swamy goes on to point out where else He sat in front (agratha: sTithaam). He sat in front portion (the charioteer's seat) of the car (raTam) of Arjunan and performed GIthOpadesam) (PaarTa RaTE cha agratha: sTithAm ThvAm).

Those who possess unimpeachable aathma guNams reflect on this important tatthvam and meditate on the meaning of PraNavam to banish their desire, anger et al. They recognize that You did not need to take weapons against the evil KouravAs. You won the victory over them by mererly sitting in the front seat of the raTam. These superior souls comprehend Your parAkramam to destroy Your and Your BhagavathA's enemies by Your sheer presence and eulologize You hence as asAdhAraNa RaNa Punghavan (Aahavapungavam kaTayanthi).

SlOkam 5:

Swamy Desikan now shifts his attention to another aspect of SrI Vijaya Raaghavan :
His performance of the SaraNAgathi Yaj~nam with His dharma pathni, SrI DEvi (SrI Maragathavali ThAyAr) under the shade of VijayakOti VimAnam at JatAyu KshEthram to protect PrapannAs :

KamalA nirapAya DharmapathnI
KaruNAdhyaa: svayam ruthvijO guNAstE
avanam srayathAm ahInamAdhyam
Sa cha dharmas-Thvadhanya sEvaneeya:

Oh Vijaya RaaghavA! Your ThirunAmam, "RaNa Pungavan" has two meanings: (1) The greatest One in battles and (2) the greatest One in performing Yaj~nams. You perform a Yaagam with Your dharma PathnI, SrI Maragathavalli, who is never ever separated from You.In that Yaagam , Your kalyANa guNams like karuNai serve as the Rthviks (officiating priests). The name of Your Yaagam is "SaraNAgatha Rakshanam " (SrayathAm avanam aadhyam ahInam). That sanctimonious yaagam cannot be done by anyone other than You (Sa dharma cha Thvadh ananya sEvanIya:).

AhInam is a Soma Yaagam that takes many days to perform. Swamy Desikan hints that this "SaraNAgatha Vrathi" continues to do this Yaagam of SaraNAgatha RakshaNam without interruption while accompanied by His PirAtti.

IndhIvaradhaLa-SyAma: PuNDarIkanibhEkshaNa:

--Raama KarNAmrutha SlOkam

(Neela mEgha SyAmaLan with the lotus soft and beautiful eyes is Lord Ramabhadran with Kodhandam and arrow in His hand is my sole refuge).

visAla nEthram paripoorNa ghAthram
SitA KaLathram sura-vairi-jaithram
KaruNya paathram jagatha: pavithram

--Raama KarNAmrutham SlOkam

(I prostrate before the gem of Raghu Vamsam, Raama Rathnam always. I bow before that Lord of SitA Devi known for His broad eyes, and majestic, upright body. He is the abode of mercy and the unfailing victor over the enemies of the DevAs.He is the most sacred ParamAthman
in all the worlds. I bow before Him always).

SlOkam 6:

krupaNA: sudhiya: krupAsahAyam
SaraNam ThvAm RaNapungava PrapannA:
varivasyA rasam yEkam aadhriyanthE

Oh Lord Vijaya RaaghavA! Oh The most celebrated (foremost) among Warriors(RaNa Pungava)! Those buddhisAlis (SudhiyA:) who recognize their unfitness to stand up to the rigors of practising Bhakthi yOgam feel importunate (krupaNA:)and perform SaraNAgathi at Your holy feet fully knowing that You are the ocean of Mercy and that You will protect them. They are clearly aware of Your KaruNai as Your primary help (KaruNA SahAyam) and perform SaraNAgathi as prapannAs (ThvAM SaraNam PrapannA:). They do not get distracted by any tatthvam except Your anantha kalyANa guNams and SaraNAgatha rakshaNa Vratham (ananya BhAvA:) and perform prapatthi unto You. They wish for only one Phalan (YEkam aadhriyanthE). What is it these Sudhiya: wish a svboon form You? They only seek the kaimkarya Aanandham (VarivasyA Rasam) to You and Your Devi at SrI Vaikuntam as a sukham arising from Moksha Sidhdi.

SlOkam 7

avadheerya chathurvidham pumarTam
BhavadharTE viniyuktha jeevitha: sann
labhathE Bhavatha: phalAni janthu:
nikhilAnyathra nidharsanam JaDAyu:

Oh Lord of Thriupputtkkuzhi! Any embodied jeevan, which casts aside the four kinds of PurushArTams (Dharma-ArTa-Kaama-Moksham) and places its life as samarpaNam in Your service gets in return from You fruits of every kind (Bhavatha: nikhilAni phalAni labhatE). In this matter, JaDAyu is the prime example (athra JaDAyu: nidharsanam).

During Your incarnation as SrI Raamachandran, the eagle king JaDAyu fought with RaavaNan to free Your dear Consort from him and got mortally wounded. It gave all what it had inspite of its advanced age. It fought heroically without asking anything in return from You. What did you do for that noble JaDAyu? You blessed JaDAyu superior worlds and then Moksham. For those , who perform kaimkaryam to You without anticipating anything in rturn all the isvaryams in this and the other world come their way automaticaly.

SlOkam 8:

SaraNAgatha-rakshaNa-vrathI maam
na vihAthum RaNapungavaarhasi Thvam
vidhitham bhuvanE VibhIshaNO vaa
yadhi vaa RaavAna ithyudhIritham tE

Oh Lord of Thirupputtkkuzhi! Foremost among Your Vrathams is that of protecting those who perform SaraNAgathi at Your Thiruvadi. You are the SaraNAgatha RakshaNa DhIkshithan. It is not fit for You as the one who has undertaken SaraNAgatha RakshaNa dhIkshai to abandon adiyEn SaraNagata-rakshaNa vrathI Thvam maam vihAthum na arhasi). People of the world know very well Your command to SugrIvan at Sehtukkarai (TE udhIritham bhuvanE vidhitham): Be it VibhIshaNan or RaavaNan himself bring them to Me. I will grant them abhayam. When You are known all over the world for this Vratham , adiyEn alone should not be abandoned by You inspite of my paapams .That wont be consistent with Your role as Sarva-lOka SaraNYan.

SlOkam 9:

BhujagEndhra GaruthmadhAdhi labhyai:
Thvadhanuj~naa- Anubhava pravAha bhEdhai:
SvapadhE RaNa-pungava Svayam mE
paricharyA vibhavai: parishkriyETA:

Oh Vijaya RaaghavA! At Your Supreme abode (Sva padhE) AdhisEshan (BHujagEndhra:), GaruDan , the other Nithya Sooris as well as Muktha Jeevans enjoy You in a manner befitting Your wish. Their enjoyment overflows as flood in many directions. Many special kaimkaryams that please Your ThiruvuLLam arise form their kaimkarya prApthis. It is adiyEn's prayer to You for gaining such kaimkarya prApthi at Your Parama Padham. The anubhavam of enjoying You should blossom forth in the shape of many Kiamkaryams to You. Those kaimkaryams should be accepted by You and should cause pleasure to You. It is well known that You feel happy over nishkAma Kaimkaryams by ParamaikAnthis.

SlOkam 10:

vimalAsaya VenkatEsa JanmA
ramaNIyA RaNapungava-prasAdhAth
anasooyubhi: aadharENa bhAvyA
ParamArTa-sthuthi: anvaham prapannai:

This delectable (RamaNIya) eulogy named ParamArTa sthuthi arose from the VenkatEsa Kavi of blemish free mind. This happened as a result of the grace of Thirupputtkkuzhi VijayarAgava PerumAn. The PrapannAs, who have performed SaraNAgahti at the Thiruvadi of the Lord get cleansed from the dhOshams such as Jealousy and intolerance. May Those PrapannAs
free of dhOshams recite this Sthuthi daily with sraddhA and gain the anugraham of SrI Maragathavalli SamEtha Sri Viujaya Raaghavan!

Kavi-taarkika SimhAya KalyANa-guNa-saalinE
SrimathE VenkatEsAya VedAntha GuravE nama:

SrI VijayarAghava ParabrahmaNE Nama:
Swamy Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


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